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The Bauhaus
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Bauhaus building in Dessau

tubular chair

Tubular chair

Bauhaus products
Buildings, furniture, ceramics, textile, graphic design.

One of the greatest achievements for the Bauhaus, and in particular Gropius, were the buildings at Dessau (built 1925-26). "The buildings represented the fusion of technical, social and aesthetic requirements that Gropius had always aimed at." (Naylor, p.107) The Bauhaus at Dessau included three main wings; school of arts and crafts; the workshops; and students' hostel. Much of the building was faced with glass. There were several bridges which connected the different sections of the complex. The workshops were functional, and a corporation was created to handle the products they produced. The Bauhaus at Dessau included; metal, furniture, weaving, typography, photography, wall-painting and sculpture workshops as well as departments for architecture, exhibition techniques and graphic design. The workshops utilized new techniques and materials of mass production in their creations. Among the many items it produced, was the first tubular chair.

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